My traveling art supplies

Beside shoes, packing art supplies is one hard choice after another. If you are anything like me, you really want to bring everything… just in case!! 

I just moved to London for a year and I almost broke down when deciding which washi tape to bring with me. Because washi tape is life. And I love my art supplies, I cherish them, I want them with me all the time… just in case!! But with the baggages weight limit in mind, I had to make some choices. 
So here’s what in my art bag: 

I travel with three notebooks: my sketching book, my watercolor one and my dear agenda. 

I absolutely adore my Winsdor & Newton watercolor palette. It’s the perfect size to take on a trip with you and the colors in it are pigmented and varied. I also got four individuals one : dark green, black, white and purple. I took my dear PETA ruler (ain’t no nugget!) and my Fineline masking fluid. 

All you need is ink

I also took my black ink (always in a Ziploc bag kids), an ink pen with a few different tips. I love my Staedler watercolor pencils, I couldn’t leave them behind. A few paintbrushes in a toothbrush holder and I’m ready to go ! 

Of course I do miss my prismacolor markers. And my pastels. And my acrylic paint. But choices were to be made and I can happily express myself with everything in my black and white polka dot pouch.


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