Art in moment of crises 

The inconceivable happened: there was a shooting in a Mosque in Quebec City- basically my hometown. Witnessing the horror, the terror, the impossible from half way around the world, I binge watched every video, read every comment, followed any kind of development to the story. 
When something so major happens, there is a need to talk about it, to create a conversation, to express deep feelings. 

And that is precisely what art is for. 

Pablo Picasso’s most famous art work is probably Guernica; to process the Nazi aerial bombing of this town.

Guernica- 1937
Using blacks, whites and greys, Picasso created a piece that probably helped him process the horror, but also an eternal reminder of the horrors of war, of hate. 

Painting was for me the only therapy needed. 

Against tyranny, he will build a new nest

Le Coeur Est Un Oiseau (The heart is a Bird) was written by the great Richard Desjardins. It’s about how our heart, our soul, this bird, is bigger than our frontiers, our lands and that even trough tyranny, hunting, it will always flourish. It has the thirst for freedom. Perhaps Desjardins was referencing to a phœnix, raising from his ashes. 
Celion Dion powerful ballad S’il Suffisait Qu’on S’aime (if lovinf was enough) also came to mind in those insecure moments. 

Celine knows how to make me cry

I wrote those powerful few words and framed them with blooming flowers. I founded inner peace while painting them and it helped me remember all the love the world has yet to offer. 
And I can only hope that this tiniest amount of beauty can help us all in those dark times. 

instagram : andreanne.renaud


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