God Save London 

I have been living in London for three months now. In the most vibrant, eclectic, historic city possible and so far it’s amazing. Even the food is (surprisingly) delicious (no offence). 
I came here knowing that I would be learning so much: about litterature (Harry Potter walking tour, done!), about music, history and art. What I didn’t know is that most museum here are… free. That’s right. Nada. Rien. Gratuit. Free as the wind. 

My sketch of the gallery at the British Museum

Want to know more about mammals? The Natural History Museum is open to you. Dreaming about momies? The British Museum will gladly invite you in.  Are the ocean and ships your passion ? There’s the very nice and free Maritimes Museum. Want to cry in front of a Klimt at the National Portrait Gallery? I did that already… for free!! 

 “Our free museums and galleries ensure that culture is for everyone, not just the lucky few.”

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt 

I can’t express how much I appreciate having the opportunity to explore so much of this city gratis. Especially since everything else is so god damn expensive. 12£ for a gin tonic ? That’s brutal !


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