Where to draw

Some prefer to draw at home, outside, in their studio, while talking on the phone… for me, a nice coffee shop does it. 

Especially right now, as I am travelling throught the UK, discovering new places is a lot of fun. Every coffee shop has it’s own ambiance; from the decor, to the barista, to the crowd. It is interesting to create to different vibes. Sitting in a unknown establishment gets my creativity going. It’s one of the best spot to sketch people, as they are sitting for hours sometimes. 

Also, it’s very suprising how few people approches me while I’m drawing. When I first drawing in public, I was scared I’d have to show my sketches to a lot of folk. But actually, people are respectful and will leave you alone. But just to be sure, sit back to a wall, no one can suprise you from behind (and ruin your super precise inking at the same time…).  

Plus tea. So much tea.  


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